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A Different Kind of Laboratory

CoLab Dental Laboratory provides quality crown and bridge work to dentists nationwide. We specialize in working with dentists concerned about the quality of work they provide as well as the cost. 

To keep our prices low, we concentrate on offering the proven technologies and materials that are the staple of most dental offices. Our success is the result of understanding the needs of our clients and providing exactly the kind of consistent and reliable products they expect, allowing them to increase their efficiency and profit.

The surge in new technologies has given rise to a new era in dental technology:

Cooperative Dental Labs

Laboratories that were once in competition now work together to produce quality, affordable work. At CoLab, we work with a co-op of several hand selected laboratories to provide you with the products you want at prices that will make your practice more profitable. The result is that you get the best products and services from selected laboratories with only one laboratory to speak with about all of your restorations. This collaborative approach provides consistency and quality that you won’t find in comparably priced restorations.

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