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Have you had a difficult time finding a laboratory that can maintain quality, consistency and pricing?

CoLab is a different kind of laboratory!

Collaboration - Not every lab can afford every new technology that presents itself… and not every laboratory can work equally well with every technology. Our collaborative approach means that we can utilize the services of other laboratories in our co-op that have proven their abilities, met our standards for infection control, and can routinely produce work to our specifications proficiently.

Communication is the key. It ensures that expectations are met, cases are done right and completed on time. Evaluating the incoming impressions, discussing technical points with our clients, supervising the work in production, and managing the administrative side of the business is the only way to ensure that the quality of our work will never decline.

Consistency - We know that when all is said and done, what you want from a laboratory is consistent quality and fast, reliable service.

Confidence - CoLab is dedicated to showing doctors the quality of our organization and the caliber of our work to make a convincing case for using our services. We hope that after reading a little about our lab, you will feel that you know us better and share the confidence we have in our people and our capabilities.

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